Clearwater is a short film created by Rob Jabbaz starring Joan Loluo in the lead role. A young girl heads to a spot surrounded by natural beauty – forests, lakes, trees – in order to relax in complete solitude and soak up the sun. She is completely alone. Well – almost. Without knowing it, she is shortly joined by a tiny companion, with unexpected consequences. This brilliantly made short film features some stunning production values including drone cinematography and Hollywood grade VFX. Warning – you’ll never look at mosquitoes the same way again!

Writer, Director, Producer, VFX Artist & Sound Designer: Rob Jabbaz
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Huang
Director of Photography & Drone Operator:
Benjamin Ehrenberg Second Camera Operator: Danai Styliani Moschona
Audio Mix: Chris Weibe
Hair and Makeup: Avery Timber
Title Designer: Luke Norrad

Jyayo – Morning Wolves and Horses – Procession Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse – Woven in Black

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