What is ShortFilmWeb?

ShortFilmWeb is a free website showcasing and listing some of the best short films freely available to view online. There are hundreds of thousands of short films on the internet, but every film posted on ShortFilmWeb is hand-picked by our team.

Who are we?

Film enthusiasts!

How can I browse/find the films?

Use the Categories to narrow down by Genre, use the site search function, or just scroll through the films on the home page (using ‘previous’ and ‘next’ links at the bottom to show more content)

Aren’t all these films on Vimeo anyway?

a) No. Many are on Vimeo, but some are only available to see on Youtube. Some are embedded/hosted on other platforms entirely.

b) ShortFilmWeb does not aim to list every one of the free short films online out there. There are too many to see in a lifetime and in truth, many aren’t worth seeing anyway. We only post what we feel are quality films, and all descriptions and reviews are written independently.

Can I submit my own short film for inclusion?

Please do! Use the contact form to send the link to your film to us, or alternatively send us the link via Twitter.

How can I sign up to see new films?

Sign up by email to receive all new films in your inbox as they are posted on Shortfilmweb, plus any news/reviews/star picks. You can also folllow us on Facebook and Twitter. Spread the word and be sure to share your favourite films with your friends!

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