Written by Benjamin Hodge
Directed by Felix Harber
Produced by Christopher Bevan

Gibberish is a short, low-budget comedy film with a lot of heart. Dom, played by Ben Jewell, is a young man who commutes to work daily by bus, preoccupied by various discussions on the phone with a girlfriend. He soon finds himself saddled with a travelling companion – a talkative and somewhat crazy-seeming elderly lady, played by Margaret Jackman, who joins him each day on the journey. At first he is keen to avoid her, treating her simply as a stranger who’s lost her marbles. With time though, the old woman begins to make an impression on Ben. As he listens to her more, his preconceptions change.

Shot by DOP Grant Murphy, Gibberish screened at several films festivals including British Shorts in Berlin 2012.

Co-produced by YSP Media and Jerry Dog Productions.

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