A man, Jake and a woman, Andy go on a dinner date. At first they seem to be getting on well – joking, laughing and sharing a sense of humour. That is, until Jake ‘triggers’ Andy by telling a joke that is, in her eyes, offensive.  They smooth it over and carry on, until the same thing happens again – Jake tells another joke involving race, and Andy takes such offence she makes it clear there will be no second date. As soon as they leave the restaurant however, they run into a stranger who unwittingly flips the dynamic between the two protagonists.

Traction by Omeleto Films skilfully depicts the naked hypocrisy of those who, like Andy, virtue signal for no other reason than to feel smug and superior. By the of this short film we see the vast chasm between the holier-than-thou, politically correct image she portrays, and what really lies under the surface.

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