Written and directed by Aćim Vasić
Produced by Turbulence Films
Starring Nicky Naudé, Guillaume Tavi
Music by Stribor Kusturica

8 is an award-winning short film by Serbian director Aćim Vasić, centered around two soliders in a setting resembling something like a Siberian forest. One is a downed pilot, the other a soldier from the opposing side who takes the stricken pilot captive. The story follows the two men in what ultimately becomes a game of wits, and a guessing game for the audience. Although the subject matter appears anything but light-hearted, and the film certainly has a brutal gravity to it, it isn’t without humour. Produced by Swiss production company Turbulence Films, 8 won best short at the 2010 Monfilmfest in Italy, and has screened at many film festivals and received many nominations.

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