Written and directed by Peter Szewczyk
In association with BBC Film Network and BBC HD
Produced by Light + Mathematics

ColourBleed is set in Krakow, Poland, but the dialogue is in English. A young girl, a graffiti artist, tries to bring colour into the ineffably monochrome world around her. Even the way she dresses reflects this – her colourful, alternative style seems to be an act of personal rebellion against the greyness and uniformity of the bleak-looking cityscape. She encounters two opposite entities – a brightly coloured hummingbird, and an elderly woman, a bureaucrat gifted with the sinister power to quite literally drain the colour from people.

The film is beautifully shot with state-of-the-art CGI. Powerful metaphors are brought to life before our eyes. The conflict and contrast is essentially between two opposing forces – the hummingbird, a force for creativity, freedom of expression and spirit – and the malevolent official, who represents everything that is antithetical to art – bureaucracy, repression and control.

ColourBleed won Special Jury Prize at the Sitges International Film Festival, Best Short Film at the Fantasporto Film Festival, and Best International Short at the Hollyshorts Film Festival.

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