Created by Alessandro Bavari, nusic by Jeff Ensign aka Evolution Noise Slave.

Metachaos, by ‘Digital Artist’ Alessandro Bavari, is more like 8 minutes of visual and sonic art than a short film. Intense, overwhelming and immersive, it uses state of the art camerawork and CGI special effect technology to create what could be seen as a visualisation of judgement day itself. A series of amorphous figures, vaguely human in appearance, descend from the sky and take over a blocky fortress. This ‘building’, the scene for the rest of the film, looks similar at times to the steel and concrete frame seen when a modern building is midway through construction.

Exactly what is going on is open to interpretation – but throughout the morphing figures appear to be variously fighting, having sex, multiplying – as particles and matter rain down and swarm around them. The ambient, atmospheric soundtrack soon turns into furious, industrial intense, bassy beat, musically redolent of the Prodigy, visually of an Aphex Twin video.

Citing the apocalyptic visions of Bosch and Bruegel as inspiration, Bavari describes the beings in Metachaos thus:

“They exist confined in a spaceless and timeless state, an hostile and decadent hyperuranium where a fortress, in perpetual movement, dominates the landscape in defense of a supercelestial, harmonic but fragile parallel dimension. In its destructive instinct of violating the dimensional limbo, the mutant horde penetrates the intimacy of the fortress, laying siege like a virus.”

Whether you find Metachaos an exhilarating futuristic ride, a monochrome, multi-dimensional nightmare, or both, the impact can’t be denied. This should be ideally be experienced on a big screen, using headphones or quality speakers for full effect. More info on the maker’s website here.

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