The Smile Man (2013)

Directed by Anton Lanshakov, The Smile Man is a short film about a man (Willem Dafoe) forced to live with a permanent rictus s

A Troubleshooting Story (2021)

A Troubleshooting Story is a charming little animated short about a robot whose job it is to guard an unmanned data centre. Ag

Gap (2022)

Gap, written, directed by and starring Monica Pokorna, is a quirky, entertaining short about a girl who turns 30 and decides t

Step-Grandma (2021)

Step-Grandma is a music video featuring music by and starring techno music producer and DJ Salvatore Ganacci. Despite the Ital

Zoom Parties Suck (2020)

Zoom Parties Suck by Lachie Ross is a humorous and suitably surreal take on a situation we’re all finding ourselves in l

Traction (2017)

A man, Jake and a woman, Andy go on a dinner date. At first they seem to be getting on well – joking, laughing and shari

Thanks Smokey (2013)

A quirky little short that has been doing the rounds for a while but only recently came to the attention of the SFW team. With

Garbage Man (2017)

Sam, a refuse collector, decides in an apparent existential crisis that his job is beneath him.  After being cursed by a racc

Cashback (2004)

Directed by Sean Ellis Produced by Lene Bausager Music by Rick Astley Cashback is a comic short film following narrator Ben, a

Jacked (2012)

Director – Aaron Kheifets Written by Lenny Platt, Jamie Falkowski and Aaron Kheifets Jacked is a comedy short film about

Our Time Is Up (2006)

Written and directed by Rob Pearlstein Produced by Pia Clemente and Loren Mendell Kevin Pollak stars as Doctor Leonard Stern

Gibberish (2011)

Written by Benjamin Hodge Directed by Felix Harber Produced by Christopher Bevan Gibberish is a short, low-budget comedy film

One Man’s Loss (2013)

Written and directed by Philip Sansom Produced by Richard Weager Director of Photography Ross McLennan Starring a wonderfully

The Sinners – Los Pecadores (2007)

Created by Pablo Polledri Music by David Simons Los Pecadores, or The Sinners, is a short animation by Argentinian director an

Miracle of Flight (1974)

Written and directed by Terry Gilliam. Terry Gilliam, who began his career as a cartoonist, was part of the Monty Python team

Sunlight (2010)

‘Sunlight’ is a music video for the song of the same title by music duo Bag Raiders, formed in 2006 by Jack Glass

8 (2010)

Written and directed by Aćim Vasić Produced by Turbulence Films Starring Nicky Naudé, Guillaume Tavi Music by Stribor Kustu

The Anti-Social Network (2013)

Writer & Director – Shae-Lee Shackleford Lucas, played by actor Sam Mac, is chronically addicted to social media. Fa

Fear of Flying (2012)

Written and Directed by Conor Finnegan Produced by Brunella Cocchiglia Voiced by Mark Doherty, Aoife Duffin & Steven Court

The Black Hole (2008)

Directed by Philip Sansom and Olly Williams Written by Philip Sansom and Olly Williams Starring Napoleon Ryan A solitary off

Lonely Eros (2012)

Lonely Eros, officially the shortest short film on ShortFilmWeb (there’s a mouthful) is about a sad and lonely stuffed t

Snowdrifter (2012)

Created by Mack Carruthers. A nicely animated short about a snowman who appears to have stumbled upon a bounteous find. He can